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*"Dolby" and the double-D symbol are trademarks of Dolby Laboratories.

*"DTS" and the dts symbol are trademarks of DTS - Digital Theater Systems, Inc.




Dolby* Digital uses 5 individual sound fields to direct the sound as if you were actually in the movie not as if you were a viewer looking in it also has a LFE channel to give more emphasize on the bass know as .1

also know as 5.1 audio surround the basic principles is this :

5 individual sound fields producing deference sound field and 1 extra dedicated to low frequency sound ( .1 = sub sound's )

this is one of the most popular sound format's available to date as it's used by every film maker for there audio format

the transportation of this audio format is done in the home theater industry by the usage of fiber optic or coaxial connection from the player to a amp or receiver capable or decoding the sound into it's components and thus to each of the speakers that correspond to that channel